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We cater to track riders with machines that are 500cc and below but why you ask? 


One crisp April track day in Southern California, our founders were riding in the fast group on their below 400cc bikes. They are decently quick riders and could pass some larger cc bikes in corners. One of these larger cc bikes decided he didn’t like that and blew past our founders late coming into a turn and hitting one of them. At that point, we knew something had to be done so riders with these smaller CC bikes could ride together in harmony and have a BLAST together. And, since there was nothing out there like this, COMPACT OCTANE was born. Small CC, BIG fun is what we like to say. We also cater to NEW riders on the track because if you’re new, this can tend to be intimidating.


Our team is driven to support new and experienced riders and make this as FUN as possible!   We look forward to riding with you!  - Matty, Matt, and Heath. 

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